I have diabetes and inject my own insulin!

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~From the author to you all~

Have you ever heard of T1DM (Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus)?

There are children who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes suddenly one day and told that they will have to take insulin injections for the

rest of their lives because their blood sugar will go up.

In fact, it occurs even in adults.

However, there are many patients who are too young to understand the meaning of insulin, or adults who cannot explain it to their children, and many patients and their families have no choice but to accept injections at this point in their lives.

Many misunderstandings have arisen because people are still not fully aware that in the world there is type 1 diabetes mellitus: T1DM, which requires insulin injections, and that even children live with insulin injections on their own.

I created this picture book with the hope that, first of all, it would help people learn about type 1 diabetes, teach children why they need to take injections, and enable family members and school teachers to explain the disease to the children.

I hope that in the future this disease will no longer be a disease, and that we can all support DM life together.


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